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A Certified Digital Marketer (CDM) Certification can be earned by individuals who have passed the Certified Digital Marketer Program requirements and exams. Once certified, the individual is recognized as an expert in their field of specialization by the Certified Digital Marketer Program together with our international Certification Advisory Board members.

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Internationally-Recognized Certifications

Earn up to six industry certifications with the Certified Digital Marketer Program. Once you earn a certification, you'll be able to highlight your expertise with a personalized certificate and an online badge that you can display on your profile.

Upon application for certification, the applicant will be given access to the Qualifying Exam. The 50-point exam will cover concepts from the field of specialization that the applicant is vying for.









Projects are specific challenges that pertain to each certification type. The challenge brief will be available upon passing the Qualifying Exam.



Candidates will present their project to a Certification Panel as assigned by the Certification Council. The panel shall assign a rating for each candidate based on the project submitted and a pre-determined criteria for the panel defense.




Certification Process

1st batch: April 16, 2019, 5:00pm

Next batch: To be announced.

Retakes are permitted for a fee of Php 2,500.

Candidates will receive the brief once they pass the qualifying exam. They need to submit their final project on or before the deadline.

Varies depending on specialization. Includes project and oral defense performance.

1st batch: April 23 - 26, 2019

Next batch: To be announced.

50 questions

Three (3) hours


Retakes are permitted for a fee of Php2,500.

Exam access granted upon application.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the certification?

Certifications are bundled together with our 2-day programs. For an additional Php 6,000 on top of program fees, one may earn a certification.

4-Day Digital Marketing Fundamental Program + Certification: Php35,900 + VAT

2-Day Specialist Programs + Certification: Php24,900 + VAT

How long is the certification valid for?

Each certification has a validity of one (1) year. After the certification has lapsed, it is recommended to apply for re-certification.

Why is the certification valid for only one (1) year?

The re-certification validates that the candidate's knowledge on the field of specialization is up to date.

What are the re-certification requirements?

(1) Re-Certification Exam

(2) Portfolio showcasing work that illustrates the application of what they have learned in our Certified Digital Marketer programs.

Their portfolio must cover work from at least the past one (1) year that specifically illustrates the applied knowledge from our programs. The portfolio will be reviewed by our Certification Panel.

How much is the re-certification?

The re-certification fee is Php3,500.

How much is retake fee in case I fail the exam or oral revalida?

The retake fee is Php2,500 each time you fail. 

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